The Decision has been made

I think, well I'm pretty sure
So as the title says "The Decision has been made" deep sigh.  I am going back to school, and not just for a short course, for a course that will take a year out of my, I mean our life.  Did I mention I'm 52, and my maternal and paternal family members have not been blessed with long lives?  Well then, that is it, the money has been spent and Monday I start at it.  
I have to say that over these weeks of contemplation there has been a lot of outside noise to deal with as well.  The oil industry has been tanking and of course that effects David's job as an NDT Inspector.
So I am worried, and yet I am excited to try something new, something outside my comfort zone. Something that will challenge me, more than I have been challenged in a long time when it comes to learning something new.
And the best point..something that will enable me to work in MEXICO, aha, now we meet the crux of it. My love of my second home (Segundo Casa) in which David and I have been striving and dreaming of for so many years.  This course will be done online from home, and that will allow me to spend the two months of the end of this year in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle and get to know my new town even better.
So far this year I have spent a month and a half there and it is amazing, the folks that I have gotten to know, the Amigos La Cruz.  They are an amazing blend of people, both younger and older, Mexican, Canadian and US citizens.  We may or may not have children and grandchildren, but it is the draw of life in Mexico that brings us all together.  These folks spend their time investing and becoming invested in their new community.
Last week my new community lost a founding member Philo Hayward.  A man who while boating on the sea's came across La Cruz and decided to make it his home.  He had a wonderful Bar/Restaurant which among giving us a place to hang out, was also the hub of a fantastic music community.  He brought in the boating community as well by giving those in the marina a place to clean up, call home and a fresh cup of coffee.  
Although we had visited the area many...many times.  Unfortunately for David and I, being new residents in the La Cruz community we had only briefly spent any time with Philo.  Enough to see he was a good man, while attending his birthday party last year he was surrounded by the Mexican children from town helping to blow out the candles.  The outpouring of love and the coming together of our community upon his passing was truly humbling to see.  That someone in our day and age can still have such an effect that so many drove, flew and walked to be at and in his procession, the funeral and memorial pot luck dinners with all that wanted to contributing to the music. 
This kind of send off is something everyone of us would love to have, or be a part of.  And so you can understand our love and desire to living out our retirement in La Cruz. 
My starting a new course and hopefully new career as a Medical Transcription/Heath Documentation will ultimately be my contribution to that dream.