I am a certified Medical Transcriptionist

Now to find a job :)

Well today I completed my training to become a Medical Transcriptionist - Healthcare Documentation specialist.  It was quite the journey over the last 14 months.  I did not realize how hard it was going to be to start a completely new career at 52.  Learning words and context you have never heard before, as the Healthcare field was completely alien to me.  

I learnt a great deal and realize how far I have come in preparing myself for a second chapter. This year in Alberta has taken its toll on a lot of us. Many folks being out of work and the jobs that are out there few are far between. My original brainwave with this new career was that I would be able to work from anywhere (obviously meaning Mexico), but primarily it has been my basement.

Working from home is a different animal altogether. All my wonderful career clothes, my SHOES!!! (and you all know I have a lot of shoes), have not been worn in the last 14 months. I usually spend half the day in lounging pajamas and hang out with Spark and Beso. I actually ended up creating a little bed area for them next to my desk so we can all be together. The coffee maker is not far away, although I seem to find myself working through the lunch hour.

I have had the most amazingly supportive husband through all of this. He knew I would make it through and is so proud of what I have done. Tomorrow is the start of a new day. I will go to all the different employment websites and email out my resume and cover letter.

Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me and I will keep you updated on my progress.

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