As I sit here clicking on job postings

But do I really even want a job?
So quite a few months have gone by now since I lost my job.  
Working as Danielle Smith's assistant was a great job, honestly.  It had no set hours and I got to attend meetings and events, dress up for gala's  and also to give a speech on her behalf at a Seniors Event.  It was a job that was perfectly made for my skills.  I got to talk and talk and talk to people, and as anyone who knows me would attest I am pretty skilled at talking. At the end of the three years things were very tense, we had gone through all the craziness of the flood, holding town halls at all times of the day and night. Working tirelessly with people on their DRP files and dealing with the inner craziness of the Party.  Danielle decided to cross the floor to the PC party after numerous issues that left her feeling unwanted with the Wildrose, and being courted by the PC's.  Politics can be really interesting and fun, but can also be very upsetting and draining.  As I was on the receiving end of a lot of the vitriol after the crossing it was a tough thing to deal with.  So after campaigning and door knocking with her in our area left her unable to be voted in as the PC representative for Highwood.  I was now unemployed, but without leaving the job myself nor being fired, it was really quite a weird feeling.
So for the last few months I have been shopping with friends, lunch and drinks with friends and coffee with friends.  It is really quite nice to sleep in until I feel like getting up.  I have been in the work force for 30+ years and I am pretty jittery about what to do with  my time.
I have spent many hours surfing the net and job work sites to see if something would jump out at me.  Of course nothing really has and the few jobs that I did send in a resume I heard either nothing back or a rejection email.  Ok, now the rejection email is something new for me and it really feels quite horrible to receive one.  David of course thinks I am overreacting but well, you know.... too bad.
So, what to do with myself?  well I have signed up for a couple of local programs, going to do Booty Barre and a Zumba class.  But, honestly I feel weird sitting around not working, it is like it is in my DNA or something.  Not that I have let my housekeeper go or anything like that, she still is coming around just once every two weeks instead of every Friday.  
No, I need to find something to do, but what I ask myself?